Pirofer Forte

Pirofer Forte

Sunactive Fe - Micronized Iron high concentration

Pirofer Forte

The Product +

Pirofer Forte

PIROFER Forte tablets is a special food supplement based on iron, SunActive® Fe, characterized by maximum gastrointestinal tolerability, does not cause irritation, heaviness and leaves no unpleasant aftertaste because it passes the gastric environment and goes into the intestine where it is easily absorbed; It is highly bioavailable and digestible.

Useful to supplement the iron in all cases of iron deficiency, even for long periods, such as pregnancy and lactation and in women with prolonged and abundant blood loss.

Vitamin C facilitates the absorption of dietary iron, so it is useful in the treatment of anemia and contributes to the production of red blood cells.

Folic acid is necessary for the production and maintenance of new cells, and is particularly important during periods of rapid growth such as infancy and pregnancy.

Both adults and children need folic acid to produce red blood cells and prevent anemia.

Innovation Technology +

SunActive Fe
It is an innovative technology that uses micronized iron pyrophosphate and encapsulated in an emulsifier system.

Gastroprotective characterized by gradual release in the intestine that allows high absorption without side effects.

It helps to keep high serum levels even after 8-10 hours after ingestion.

Composition +

Ingredients per 1 tablet
  • Vitamin C180 mg
  • Iron (SunActiveFe)30 mg
  • Folic Acid400 mcg

How to Use +

1 tablet per day on an empty stomach

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