About Mc Stone

Mc Stone Italy: nutraceutical products and medical devices for your health.


Mc STONE Italy srl, nutraceutical company, was founded in 2009 with the aim of developing nutraceutical products and medical devices. It follows strict standard quality by keeping a high attention to the raw materials, unique and exclusive for the whole country. Thanks to the compliance of its products, Mc STONE represents a valuable support to the traditional drug therapies.

Since 2010 Mc STONE develops and markets a line of products under its own brand, managed through a dedicated network of pharmaceutical representatives presenting products directly to doctors. The success in Italy with innovative products like the PIROFER, the iron supplement with SunActive Fe technology (approved by FDA), has led to a rapid rise in market share, opening the door to other ambitious goals.


MC STONE ITALY owns today the know-how to manage all the phases from design, development and registration of a new product, marketing and sales, to the training of pharmaceutical representatives.

  • Designed Around People

    If the market changes, if it evolves, we know how to be reactive, flexible, finding strength and solidity in people and their quality.
    Each employee lives firsthand the climate and company objectives receiving constant training on products and market needs.

  • Research & Development

    Innovation for us is growing, as reflected in the published clinical studies and the commercial success of our products. Our research starts from the selection of raw materials and continues in the laboratory.
    A fundamental phase is the clinical monitoring: Data is continually analyzed to lead to new inputs


  • Flexibility and efficiency

    We can count on a network of highly motivated and qualified collaborators able to relate to the changing market. Thanks to the business process, we want to adapt to the needs of our customers in all therapeutic areas.

  • Quality & Certifications

    We take care of people through attention to the quality of our products, innovative, to meet different needs.