Your Health ...Our Best Reward!
Your Health ...Our Best Reward!
Your Health ...Our Best Reward!

Mc Stone Italy invests in research and human resources in order to progress steadily in the field of health. Fitness and well-being, with all the instruments of modern science, at the disposal of pharmaceutical technology, allowing you to enjoy the age you have the best way.

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We follow rigorous standards to provide the best, with nutraceuticals products, nutritional supplements and medical devices highly innovative to improve your life every day.

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  • Last year at age 45 I had a heart attack and underwent coronary angioplasty procedure; among prescribed medications there was also a statin for cholesterol. We found out it gave me tiredness and muscle fatigue but I attributed it to the disease. Since taking a capsule of DINAMIC PLUS with 200 mg of CoQ10 I feel 10 years younger and I'm fine.C. Pasquale

  • I am 38 years old and after giving birth to my daughter Jade who attends the nursery school, I was depressed and tired all the time; since my doctor prescribed me one tablet of Pirofer per day I feel like a lioness and hemoglobin and iron are normalized.Emanuela F.

  • Each month a drama, not so much for the cycle but for breast pain (fibrocystic disease); my sister has the same problem, her gynecologist comes with 2 daily tablets of DANASE for 10 days before her period. Since doing the same thing, my life has changed... for the better.G. A.

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